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Arrowroot piece / Palu / Koova Podi - 100gm
  1. Baby food:- Easily digesting for infants, used as weaning food. Supplementary diet for children.
  2. Homemade ORS:- It Corrects water and electrolyte imbalance. Its flavour is more acceptable for children.
  3. Energy booster:- It is a rich source of calcium, pottassium, manganese phosphorus etc.
  4. For patients and convalescents:- Fever, vomiting,diarrhoea, measles, chickenpox, burns, post surgical etc.
  5. Urinary system:- It cools the body, reduces urinary symptoms like burning micturition, dysuria etc. It prevents stone formation also.

Arrowroot piece / Palu / Koova Podi - 100gm

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