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Pure Cotton Thread / Cotton Poita for Puja / Brahmin - 20pcs
100 % Pure Cotton Poita/thread for puja or Brahmin.

Pure Cotton Handmade Janeu/Poite/Poita made by Ancient people who have years of experience in making Janeu, It is believe that wearing Janeu is Rituals for Brahmins & others who believes in Rituals & Puja. This Janeu can be used in Puja & other Tradition activities. We can offer this Janeu to our God by worshiping them.

✔Poita/Poite, Punool, Janeu Sacred Thread are used in each and every Pooja. This Auspicious Thread is Popular Pooja Material & its very important on to offer to Lord Vinayaga during Vinayagar Charthurthi and also to Lord Krishna in Janmastami/Laxmi Pooja and Sathyanarayana Pooja.

✔It is believed that the sacred thread is occupied by the Lord. It also reminds us to Perform our duty Properly and also it purifies soul.

✔Poita/Poite/Janeu is a consecrated thread that is worn by every Hindu Brahman. It enhances purity and gives long life and divine bless.

✔It's also Important Ingredient Of Donation (Daan) To Brahmins on all Auspicious days. Usually in Southern Region People use this Auspicious Thread during Wedding for Bridegroom/Avani Avittam/Upanishads & during every Amavasya while worshipping Fore Fathers & also offering Thidhi to them.

✔Urbans Hub will provide you the Excellent quality Punool , As we provide good product to our valuable Customers always.

Pure Cotton Thread / Cotton Poita for Puja / Brahmin - 20pcs

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