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Satyanarayan Puja Samagri Kit
The Satyanarayan Puja Samagri Kit (Satyanarayan Puja items) consists of the following items to be used in the puja. Satyanarayan Puja is a vow or a pledge to devoutly follow the tithis of auspiciousness and invoke Lord Vishnu into life. It involves the recital of Satyanarayan katha. This list has been created in consultation with the experienced Pandits/Purohits/Pujaris and can be improved further.Haldi Powder (50gm)Kumkum (50gm)Abhir/Abeer (White) (50gm)Gulal Red (50gm)Roli/Sindoor (50gm)Gud/Jaggery (100gm)Astagandha Powder (50gm)Chandan Powder/Chandan ka Chura (50gm)Gopi Chandan (1pc)Rice/Chawal (50gm)Nuts/Supari, Clove/Laung, Cardamom/Elaichi (5pcs each)Mixed Dry Fruits[Dry Fruits Candy Sugar] (75gm)Haldi Gath (50gm)Red Cloth/Red Altar Cloth (1mt)White Cloth/White Altar Cloth (1mt)Yellow Cloth/Yellow Altar Cloth (1mt)Janeu/Holy Thread (1pc)Red Thread (1pc)Wicks/Batti Long (10pcs)Wicks/Batti Round (10pcs)Panchmeva (100gm)Kesar/Saffron (1box)Kali Udad (50gm)Moli/Hand Thread (1pc)Kapur/Camphor (1 packet)Honey (1 bottle)Ghee (100gm)Match box (1pc)Gulab Jal/Rose Water (1 bottle)Gangajal [Holy water] (1 bottle)Incense Sticks/Agarbatti (1 packet)Dhoop Batti (1 packet)Itra [Fragrance oil] (1 bottle)Diya (2pc)Mishri (50gm)Kala til (50 gms) = 10Wheat (50gm)Jav/Jau (50 gms

Satyanarayan Puja Samagri Kit

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