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Original Mysore sandalwood stick - 70 - 80gm
Urbans Hub Sandalwood is really a distinctive kind of wood from the genus Santalum. These types of trees are fragrant and therefore are mostly present in India. However, fewer of them are available in South Asia, Australia and Indonesia. Sandalwood is most beneficial recognized of its aroma as well as its fantastic healing qualities. It's been utilized for quite a long time throughout meditation as well as traditions... Mysore sandalwood stick has a natural fragrance which is very light and pleasant in nature.. Sandalwood is considered sacred to be used as Tilak for our deities. Its powder form can be used in hawan or other rituals... Sandalwood is a beauty product... This sandalwood is rubbed to form a powdered texture ...This can be applied on face or forehead for skin benefits and relaxation

Original Mysore sandalwood stick - 70 - 80gm

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