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Paneer phool - 50gm
  • ✅ doda not only utilizes the blood glucose but also repairs the Beta Cells of Pancreas to provide Insulin to our body in the right quantities.
  • ✅The herb causes depletion of blood sugar & improves glucose utilization and carbohydrate metabolism, and also minimizes the complication of hyperglycemia.
  • ✅It is extremely beneficial in controlling elevated diabetic levels.
  • ✅Paneer doda confers a sense of well-being in patients and promotes symptomatic relief in diseases like weakness, dizziness, pain in legs, body ache, polyuria, and pruritus.
  • ✅It may Help In weight Loss & Regular Consumption Will Increase The Brightness Of Your Skin By Removing Pigmentation & Acne.


         Health experts suggest several natural remedies for managing diabetes, one of these methods involves the usage of paneer ke phool, or also known as Indian rennet, withania coagulans or paneer doda. Paneer ke phool is a flower that is native to India,

Paneer phool - 50gm

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